While you are in Tuscany this Summer visit our new gallery Kalpa Art Living in the Palazzo Bonomini in the historical centre of the Etruscan town of Volterra which is one of the most picturesque locations in Italy.

This new gallery was launched in June, and will remain open to visitors every day of the week 10 am – 7 pm until the end of October. The partial restoration has brought to life three of the elegant ancient rooms of Palazzo Bonomini, with the fascinating underground rooms  yet to be given new life after the planned meticulous renovation.

The unexpected raw sophistication characterises the aesthetic outcome of our work on the interiors. Saving all the historical layers with their imperfect traces of time, leaves the history to breathe lightly through the walls which are themselves a work of art. From the flooded-with-daylight entrance rooms to the spellbinding underground passages, the building inserted in the hill of Volterra is a labyrinth of art and architectural wonders to discover. A unique fusion of wabi-sabi and Italian aesthetics harmonised with the selection of contemporary art from international artists is an ideal home for the arts, and is a place to be inspired by, a place to find soulful art and also a place where you may seek advice for your own home.

The street on which you can find our gallery descends in a truly charming way to connect the main square with the famous Porta all’Arco, an Etruscan gate to the city dating back to 4th century B.C. A ‘must see’ for all art and history lovers.

This season we are hosting the annual art review De Rerum Natura” organised together with the Pignano Art Gallery of Borgo Pignano and Anima Silvae Cultural Association as well as a focus on contemporary ceramic sculpture, the art dialogue “Argile Organique”.