Presenting a unique spiritually conscious lifestyle where nature, culture and intellect breathe together to become an aesthetic transcending the sum of its parts.




In the midst of Tuscany’s beauty, in the magnificent centre of the ancient Etruscan city of Volterra and in the refined countryside resort of Borgo Pignano, constantly renewing exhibitions where you can choose art for your home and living. Art, harmoniously and thoughtfully selected and presented, where the sophistication of the high arts, the intuitive passion of the craftsman and the keen eye of the designer balance elegance and simplicity, contemporaneity and the past, the Occident and the Orient in an all-embracing wabi-sabi sensibility. Where you can sense the artworks, leaf through the catalogues or consider consultancy for your living space to weave beauty into your home on the weft of nature, soul and mastery.


Kalpa (कल्प kalpa) is a Sanskrit word meaning the period of time between the creation and recreation of a world or universe.

Kalpa Art Living galleries and interiors are created by a multidisciplinary artist Olga Niescier, painter, designer, curator and researcher.