Annalia Amedeo was born in Naples and now lives and works in Rome. She studied in Florence as a restorer and for many years remained in this field collaborating with private and public institutions including Il Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and the Archaeological Museum of Naples, before dedicating herself to personal artistic research in 2011.


Annalia works mostly in porcelain, choosing the finest materials, oxides and metal salts. She is inspired by nature and by the classical world, from antiquity to baroque, which she reworks drawing on contemporary models and suggestions. She is endlessly researching the deep harmony with nature while at the same time investigating the essence of the human condition in its most intimate aspects, its suffering and metamorphosis and the possibility of evolution and change. The artist expresses herself through an intrinsically fragile though durable material, which requires constant care and attention.


Annalia has participated in many personal and collective exhibitions, events and awards dedicated to artistic ceramics. She exhibited in Casina delle Civette Museum, Villa Torlonia, Museum of Folk Art and Traditions and Umberto Mastroianni Civic Museum in Rome, Ceramics Museum in Grottaglie, Civic Museum in Tolfa, Ceramics Museum in Viterbo, Museum of Ceramic Art in Ascoli Piceno and many others.

The duality of being and appearing, of the revealed and the hidden, of joy and pain, are aspects in the making of a single perpetual cycle of change that affect my artistic work.

I have always loved clay because of its property to be trasformed and because of the ancestral memory that it carries and which it transmits to me. The forms I create, the material I shape, thus become a testimony, providing a trace of myself ” almost a light footprint, but also a noticeable hint whispered to those are able to grasp it”.


– Annalia Amedeo