Olga Niescier, was born in northeast Poland, Bialystok. She obtained her master’s degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, in 2003, and in Fashion Design in Polimoda Institute in Florence, in 2007. Olga pursues intense artistic activity since 2001, integrating art and design: painting, fashion, interior decor, photography, graphics and theatre. Painting is the field in which Olga expresses herself with most passion and dedication. Since 2013 exhibits her artworks in some of the most charming locations in Tuscany: Florence, Volterra, Bagno Vignoni, Pietrasanta, and San Gimignano, where Olga lives and creates in the breathtaking surrounding countryside.


Niescier’s artistic language evolved initially in the Fine Arts Academy in Lodz, in discourse with unism, the art theory of Wladyslaw Strzeminski, a renowned artist of the Polish vanguard movement during the interwar period. Unism pursued the uttermost impact of the painting’s entire surface by experimenting with chromatic diminution and exploring the homogeneity and vibrancy of composition. Further influences come from the study and the elaboration of action painting’s techniques of the dynamic and unrestrained process of colour application. Niescier’s intuitive use of the organic interplay of colour renders her work rich in texture and matter.


Niescier is professionally immersed in material research and design, which informs her vision of painting having a decorative presence, playing an integral part in the interiors of both profane and sacred spaces. She finds her inspiration in both the tradition of sophisticated Japanese screen painting and the elegance and the symbolism of the late gothic Sienese School. She contrasts her pulsating painted structures with the discipline of laser-sculpted ornament, creating compound canvases composed of and including decorative panels of textile and leather.


Niescier’s art is permeated by a spiritual approach that can be traced to the historical tradition of Asian landscape painting. The study of nature and its scenery, in micro and macro perspective, becomes an inner journey and a way to express a sense of self and one’s relation to the universe.

“My work is a meditative exploration of nature’s structures and rhythms, an insight into botanical micro-universes, a personal encounter with Zen and abstract expressionism.”


– Olga Niescier