Sabine Pagliarulo, a French-Italian artist, has had a lifelong passion for figurative art and all its applications. After having studied law, she came to a decision to dedicate herself exclusively to ceramics and sculpture, realised in ceramics.


Sabine nurtures herself with nature. From nature she draws purity, gravity and simplicity and these combining with her French origins inspire an aesthetic métissage that awakens the spirit, and the search for harmony and equilibrium in the small things. Through an appreciation of the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy she re-visions the universe with a poet’s eye where imperfection gives life and intensity to the ceramics and becomes the sign of the emotional process from which it is born, uniting the clay matter with the essential aesthetics.


What art critics say about Sabine: “Sabine Pagliarulo works with a full mind and a full heart. She moulds precious stoneware and produces her own glazes. Nothing is left to chance in her work. She overcomes all doubts to achieve a fresh, light and definite result. By way of her personal technique she ennobles bare matter, and by the determination with which Sabine works at the surface of things. Her artistic course has traced its path from classical approaches to all the forms of clay-making: terracotta, raku pottery, porcelain, and now high-temperature firing. Her value as an artist does not originate from following the rules: it is more a question of intuition, of craft and innate elegance.“


Sabine about her poetics: “I have chosen to embrace the language of art as an expressive code of the soul, uniting memory and spirituality in my artistic research. Through the deep knowledge of the earths, I have been always searching for the essence of the form, shells that leave room for allusion and suggestion. My sculptures are undoubtedly evocative of a “rebirth”, almost a rite of re-appropriation of the self, presently lost in everyday life. Art, elected as a means of primary expression, becomes an instrument of life, capable of regenerating itself, because by gathering the awareness of one’s own feeling, it induces a growth of consciousness and a true understanding of being. Here then is where body and mind, full and empty, matter and idea merge in a balance that is as fragile as it is precious; where the primordiality of the clay, unifying the opposites, becomes the most authentic medium to communicate what words fail to do; living matter capable of welcoming what has been lived and giving it voice.”


Recently Sabine has been involved in various contemporary art exhibition projects in Rome in the museums: Pietro Canonica – Villa Borghese, Casina delle Civette – Musei di Villa Torlonia, Museo delle Mura, Museo Orto Botanico. Her artworks have been exhibited also in France, Finland, Switzerland and Japan.

“Tout mon travail répond à l’urgence créative d’une émotion, est l’expression subjective d’un langage qui parle “de l’intérieur “, profond et ancestral, la traduction en terre d’une pensée, du besoin de communiquer.

La pièce prend forme par un travail pressant, mais à cette urgence la Terre répond avec son rythme, plus calme, plus lent, qui m’accueille et me protège.”


– Sabine Pagliarulo