Tadeusz Niescier, a renowned Polish painter and photographer, lives and works in the northeastern landscapes of Podlasie. He was awarded his Master Degree in Painting in 1978 by the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. His doctoral thesis in visual arts won him his PhD in 2012, at the ‘Faculty of New Media and Scenography’ of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.


Tadeusz expresses his creativity in multitude of disciplines with painting and photography at the forefront. His work embraces also architecture, art creation and direction in the fields of graphic design, advertising and publishing. In 2002 – 2004 he was the editor in chief of the art & culture magazine “Kultura”. Niescier dedicates himself to teaching art, design and photography in various universities in Poland, while his photographs and paintings have been exhibited in Poland, Germany, USA and Italy.


His lifelong artistic study is grounded in the close observation of the simplest elements of plants, flowers, bushes and trees, bringing the examination of detail and structure to almost abstract expression. He is a master of oil on canvas painting, giving the classic technique a contemporary and dynamic feeling with constant experimenting and stretching of his technical skills. His canvases are radiant and vibrant, transmitting all the energy of the natural world that surrounds him. His observation is persistent, characterized by the need of connection, Tadeusz often goes back to the same motives and places studying them over and over in different weather, season and light conditions, following the great impressionist is his intimate, personal and emotional honouring of the vegetation and landscape.


Niescier’s passion of photography results in surprising portraits of the tiniest elements of plants in large scale, giving them new meaning and creating visual metaphors of cosmic infinities and human emotions. Extracted from their natural state, and often bearing the touch of time, these fragments of nature reveal incredible richness of texture and detail. In their faded abstract beauty, abundant and delicate, they capture, suspended in space, weightless frozen movements of life.

“Jak patrzę to widzę

bardziej abstrakcyjne zestawy kolorów niż form

natura usprawiedliwa każdy zamysł

ale wobec niej wszystko jest niczym

więc co widzę…“


– Tadeusz Niescier