Tamara Ferioli lives and works in Milano where she was born in 1982 in nearby Legnano. She attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lyon and in 2006 she graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Her artistic production speaks by way of many different languages, among those sculpture, installation, photography, drawing and applications on canvas.


She has a preference for the most unspoiled places on Earth. Her greatest love is the raw landscape of Iceland. It is where she collects insects, plants and other natural materials and objects that later form the soul and symbolic core of her art, which investigates the manifold forms of nature as a deposit of arcane laws of preservation and transmission.


In her elegant drawing compositions and sculptural installations the syntax of life appears crystal clear and suspended in an eternal moment that becomes the quintessence of introspection. All happens in a state of solitude where the human presence is suavely summoned as witness to wonders in endless transformation, and possibly as a menace to their delicate and mysterious balance. All taxonomic separations disappear and the being can be rock, fossil, flower or leaf-like in the indistinct mixture of creation, but the entire appears harmonious and rational because every element finds spontaneously its place in a new ecosystem of signs.


“The wide sea comes each morning” presented by Kalpa Art Living is a series of flower sculptures made with wild fish bones caught in the North Atlantic, a work Tamara has been engaged in for three years. Each piece is unique and the assembly of the pieces is not accidental. She has researched and identified the perfect interlocking between each individual bone, respecting its shape, so that it was nature itself that directed the mutation and determined the anatomy of the flower.


Tamara’s artworks have been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and Iceland.

“My artistic production is articulated through various forms of expression such as drawing, where we will see my hair like thin pencils signs, installation and sculpture made with natural elements and applications on photography.

I explore universal subjects: matter, nature, legend, beauty, shame and silence but also loneliness, love, the precariousness of things.

Sounds, rocks, landscape, flora and fauna, I use these elements as a starting point for study and contemplation and plan compositions around them looking for connections between the natural elements and the human soul, human interactions with the land and landscape.”


– Tamara Ferioli