Tamara Ferioli | sculpture
Olga Niescier | painting

art installation
Palazzo dei Priori, Volterra
15 August – 15 October 2020


The spring of 2020, a difficult period of isolation, gave birth to an occasion for the contemplation of life in solitude and silence, giving time to investigate the manifold forms of nature as a deposit of arcane laws of preservation and transmission.

The multidisciplinary artist Tamara Ferioli explores the cycle of life, the endless processes from birth to death and rebirth. In her sculptural installations the syntax of life appears crystal clear and suspended in an eternal moment that becomes the quintessence of introspection. All happens in a state of solitude where the human presence is suavely summoned as witness to wonders in endless transformation, and possibly as a menace to their delicate and mysterious balance. The fish bone, an unusual material provided by Nature, creates in Ferioli’s small scale precious sculptures, placed in a mindful environmental installation, a constellation of wild flowers with perfect interlocking structures, rich in delicacy and vitality. 

The artist Olga Niescier uses natural forms in her works as symbols, painting branches that become veins to the observer’s eye. In the paintings is traceable a meditative exploration of nature’s structures and rhythms, an insight into botanical micro-universes, a personal encounter with Zen and abstract expressionism. Niescier’s art is permeated by a spiritual approach that can be traced to the historical tradition of Asian landscape painting. The study of nature and its scenery, in micro and macro perspective, becomes an inner journey and a way to express a sense of self and one’s relation to the universe.


For the city of Volterra, the two artists create together an elegant installation of multiple organic sculptures of flowers and vertical canvases, forming a delicate symbolic art garden and a deep contrast with the ancient powerful historical walls of the fascinating Palazzo dei Priori, inviting one to contemplate the fragility of life and its connection with all living things. 

Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra, begun in 1208, is the oldest civic building in Tuscany. Upon walking inside the building, you’ll immediately be struck by the decorated walls, teeming with medallions and noble crests, while on the first floor, you’ll find the City Council Hall, which is still today the meeting room for the local government. Richly ornamented, the room contains a fresco by Iacopo di Cione Orcagna: the 1383 painting is very likely the first of the Florentine school to be made inside a public building.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to cooperation with Anima Silvae Cultural Association and help from The Municipality of Volterra and Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra Foundation.


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15 AUGUST – 15 OCTOBER 2020

Palazzo dei Priori, Piazza dei Priori, Volterra (PI), Italy

open every day 10:00 – 19:00

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