Via Porta all’Arco 20-22-24, 56048 Volterra Pisa, Italy

tel. +39 338 1179741  |  email: info@kalpa-art.it


Kalpa Art Living is based in the historical centre of the ancient Etruscan town of Volterra, one of the most picturesque locations in Tuscany. The gallery is hosting a constantly evolving exhibition of contemporary art and design objects perfectly blended with the antique furniture and interiors of PALAZZO BONOMINI. This sophisticated, mysterious building dates back to medieval and renaissance times and over the ages it has been the home to several religious and charitable institutions. Today it is a project “in progress” giving space to various arts in its time-hallowed rooms. The restoration of the two floors dedicated to art exhibitions began in the spring of 2019 and it will take a number of years to unveil the spaces step by step.


The gallery is to be found in a magical setting. The noble silhouette of Volterra’s medieval old town emerges out of the breathtaking hills and overlooks the long ago kingdom of Velathri, which is how the Etruscans would call their land, meaning terra felice. The endless vistas of the sea of hills continue all the way to the real Tyrrhenian Sea and on a clear day you can see the sun setting behind the distant outline of Corsica. The town itself is rich in its long history, with elegant and time worn architecture, museums full of the vital inspiring past, these places born centuries ago creating a scenic backdrop to its everyday life. It is a romantic labyrinth of lovely small streets for quiet strolling, majestic piazzas for warming and basking in the sun with cafes, restaurants and artisan shops for ample enjoyment on slow Tuscan days.


It is a place of authentic beauty where civilization is rooted in its history and all sits in harmony with the surrounding nature.



simply visit the gallery while strolling the ancient town of Volterra, spend some time with contemporary art surrounded by history


arrange an art aperitif, a guided visit of the gallery with the curator accompanied by a selection of Tuscan wines – enjoy art, wine, inspiration and conversation*





art research & selection for your interiors


realization of artworks on commission, bespoke art pieces for your home, office, etc.


renderings and visualizations of artworks in your interiors


interior design & lifestyle consultancy




*please call us in advance to arrange, possible for single visitors, couples, small groups